036 Why are We So Obsessed with Shaming?

After watching a TED Talk by Monica Lewinsky on The Price of Shame, Nichole felt compelled to talk about shame: how destructive it is, and how it harms the vegan movement.

In This Episode

Shaming, America’s favorite pastime! The girls discuss the mob mentality that overtakes us when an affair is exposed, a celebrity’s sex tape is released, or Miley decides to show her boobs. The average American froths at the mouth over passing judgement on other people, be they a high-grossing celebrity or an unlucky civilian caught in an embarrassing situation. Vegans, unfortunately, carry on this tradition with ex-vegans, or vegans who don’t meet their high standards. The vegan movement should be one of compassion and empathy. Our hope is that vegans change the world for the better, and not just the different. Creating a world where animals are given rights to life and freedom while we still rip each other to shreds over mistakes, missteps, or different sexual preferences is a job half-done.

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    • I know this is a much older episode, but I’m new here. You two should read “So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed” by Jon Ronson. It’s equally fascinating and shocking about the newer trend of Internet shaming. It’s a great read! And freedom of speech from the government doesn’t mean you’re free of consequences…too many people don’t understand this! It kills me. So great to hear this from like minded people.
    • 1. I found this podcast 1 week ago, and I’ve listened to 1-3 episodes every single day… I LOVE YOU GUYS❤️ 2. Idk if either of you have read “The 80/10/10 Diet” by Dr Doug Graham (common read for high carb, low fat raw vegans… Great info although I’ve suffered from orthorexia and anorexia and was kind of triggered by it so I’m not necessarily recommending it) BUT I will say that the author does an AMAZING job in the first portion of the book regarding explaining what is our most natural, easily digested and easily nutrient-assimilated food… And fruits & vegetables absolutely win, because they are the ONLY food that is palatable, satiable, and able to digest in their raw, unprocessed state. He mentions that the paleo diet makes no sense because meat itself cannot be eaten in its raw, unprocessed state, and wasn’t eaten by our ancestors before the invention of cooking and processing tools/appliances. Boom!!!!
    • Great episode on shame culture! On the same topic, you might be interested in Dr James Gilligan’s book called Violence. His work points out that most extremely violent criminals are deeply humiliated and shamed individuals. A lot of shame comes from social inequality (wealth gap) and he argues there’s a link between violence/inequality, he also points out how (toxic) masculity, homophobia and misogyny are a significant component of violence. There are some interviews with Dr Gilligan on YouTube too, defintiely worth checking out.

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