038 Meat, Cigarettes and the Apocalypse

Should meat and animal products be treated as cigarettes, in terms of regulations and warnings? The girls think so. Plus a tangent about the apocalypse.

In This Episode

Callie read an article (linked below) about the effects of the surgeon general’s warning about smoking, how it had a noticeable effect on smoking rates, and it made her think of how a similar approach to animal products could do wonders for the vegan movement. Interestingly, if not surprisingly, government warnings had a far greater impact when the focus was on how smoking effected others rather than how it effects the smoker themselves. Warnings and education about the harm of secondhand smoke greatly reduced smoking rates in the U.S. So, could we do the same for meat? If the government would stop promoting meat as part of a healthy diet, and then move to issuing warnings about the health impacts of meat and dairy consumption, it could go a long way towards decreasing meat consumption, forwarding the vegan movement in the U.S. and turning the tide in our efforts to reduce the damage we’re doing to our bodies, the environment and, of course, the animals. ….Aaaaaaaand then Nichole goes on a completely insane tangent about the “inevitable” apocalypse and how she doesn’t have the skills to survive it but does have skills that could greatly enhance the swagger of a group of survivalists.

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