039 Compliment Culture and Body Image Issues

Compliments are nice, but our culture of constantly commenting on each other’s appearances can be harmful. Being, or going, vegan seems to invite comments on our appearance, and even when those comments are complimentary, that can be a lot of pressure, especially for those of us that suffer from body image issues.

In This Episode

Inspired by an article in Washington Post about the effects of the compliments that we give little girls, Nichole wanted to discuss what it’s like having body dysmorphic disorder (information and resources below) and trying to navigate a world that focuses on appearances when most days, all she wants to do is forget that she has an appearance. Together, we could change this. Start in your social group: focus on what you enjoy about the people you love instead of how they look. Comment on a contagious smile, and infectious laugh, an eye for mixing prints. It’s of course ok to let someone know you think they are beautiful, but we can stop making appearance the very first thing we comment on, and we can give people space to lose weight or try a new hair cut without feeling like they’re being watched.

Links and Information

News Body Dysmorphic Disorder Resources
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    • Hi girls! I just discovered your podcast and started to listen with this episode. Thank you so much for it.
      I liked that this was not an episode where vegan people try to lesson their listeners who are mostly also vegan anyway. There are so many podcasts where they discuss various reasons why one should go vegan or even how important it is to try convincing non-vegan persons about vegan lifestyle. As these are things you can read in every book or magazine about veganism, I really got tired of podcasts like that. And I think that you build up a barrier most of the time rather than tearing them down.
      It is really true and apparently applicable worldwide: once you meet people, you say something about the looks most of the times, how good they look or anything like that. At least for me, I say it only when I really find it, but there are surely millions of people who say that because they do not know what else to say or because they feel like they are expected to say something about the looks.
      I like the idea to rather say that I missed them or that I am glad to meet them again. Unbelievable it never got to my mind to do that anyway. Sometimes you need a punch in the face to find the easiest solutions… So thanks again for the inspirational podcast. You have one more fan in Germany now 🙂 Have a great weekend! Sunny smiles,
        • Hi Lilly! Thank you for the comment, I’m so glad the episode resonated with you. And THANK YOU for the comment on the podcast as a whole, we really wanted to create a show for people who were already vegan or at least already know that veganism is the way to go. Definitely didn’t want to do the “preaching to the choir” thing that we see a lot. We’re thrilled to have a fan in Germany! Callie and I are actually going to be in London, Belgium and Germany (among other places) next May for our European Tour (haha). I think we’re going to do Berlin and Munich. Please let us know if there’s any must-do/must-see places in Germany for two rowdy vegan princesses! <3

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