040 Carnist “Fact” vs Vegan “Opinion”

Conversations with carnists are rife with frustrations, perhaps none more so than being told that the facts you are spouting are “opinion,” or having someone’s unsubstantiated opinions being thrown around as fact. The girls discuss some of the most common carnist “facts” and vegan “opinions” and how to respond to them.

In This Episode

  Our dear friend Katie B inspired this episode, the topic was her idea and a great one at that. She sent us this comic, which cracked us up. So many times, as a vegan, you are privy to information that others are ignorant to, whether willfully or by happenstance. Trying to impart that knowledge on others is always tricky, particularly when the other party refuses to see facts as fact and insist that the truth you’re spilling all over them is opinion. Equally infuriating is when carnists push their opinion as fact.

Topics covered in this episode:

Carnist “facts” that are actually opinion
  • “We’re on top of the food chain”
  • “We needed meat to evolve”
  • “There’s no health risks in eating meat”
  • “Hunting is necessary”
  • “We’ve ALWAYS eaten meat”
Vegan “opinions” that are actually facts
  • “Factory farming harms the environment”
  • “Eating fish is extremely harmful”
  • “Animals have feelings and emotions, and experience pain”

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One comment

    • I know that this is an old episode, but I just started listening to the podcast and love it! One small fact that I do t think was addressed was the fact that protein can be converted to glucose via gluconeogenesis in the body. I do agree though, that the ability to cook food was what allowed us to more easily assimilate energy into the body, allowing for less energy being devoted to our gut.

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