042 The “War” on Meat and Other Assorted Bullshit

An article in the Chicago Tribune titled “Meat lovers rejoice, you’re winning the war” caused Nichole to want to talk about how people use inflammatory language like “war” to prevent sophisticated conversations about hot topics from happening.

In This Episode

Calling efforts to have sustainability factored in to the government’s nutritional guidelines a “war on meat” is needlessly inflammatory. Posing vegans as people who are warring meat, versus concerned citizens who are attempting to fight climate change, instantly paints us as the enemy and prevents any real dialogue from occurring. This tactic is used often, most notably on gun control. Often attempts at gun control are framed as a “war” on constitutional rights, rather than an attempt to fix terrible issues in our country (the U.S.) such as public shootings. Whatever side of the issue you are on, it’s shortsighted to think that an open and honest conversation about gun control desperately needs to happen. This was made very clear to Nichole when she recently read a Washington Post article about a Pre-K teacher doing school shooting drills with her very young students, wondering how to keep them quiet so they wouldn’t be killed were there a shooting to happen. Powerful stuff, and something that cuts through the chatter of personal rights to ask the larger, and pressing question: what are we going to do about this? Let’s not be brainwashed by mainstream media. Let’s all cut through this polarizing language to find ways to talk on both sides of the issue and still be heard by our opponents. Nothing will change if we are all viewing the other side as someone infringing on our personal freedoms, instead of being someone asking important questions and desperately seeking reasonable answers to those questions.

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