043 Activism and Talking to Kids

As a vegan, it’s hard to know how much to tell other people’s kids when you get the inevitable questions.

In This Episode

Inspired by Mr. Brian’s question on the advice column, Nichole and Callie discuss whether it’s appropriate to be truthful, to the point of being blunt, with other people’s children on controversial topics. Is telling a kid “I don’t eat animals” too honest? Is that planting a seed or just rocking the boat? As activists, should we be worried about the consequences of what tension might be caused by presenting children with information that differs from what their parents may be teaching them? The girls discuss what might happen if people were not allowed to confront kids with information their parents don’t agree with. Nichole also makes a strong case for parents staying open to having those difficult conversations with their kids, that doing so will create a safe space for the kids to learn critical thinking skills and will ensure the parents are able to stay part of the conversation.

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    • I love the discussion of Santa and Easter Bunny (I love the whole podcast, as usual, of course). My bestie’s daughter was scared by the idea of Santa, and it was a perspective I wish I was clever enough to have questioned when I was her age (or the age I was before she pointed this out to me, for that matter). She thinks it’s terrifying that a stranger sneaks into your house to do anything (gifts under a tree, reaching under your pillow for a tooth, or leaving a basket of candy). So they never had to pretend these things existed. I never thought about it that way — I only wondered why tradition was created to lie to kids about something that will never exist. The magic of the holiday is no less special in my friend’s house than in a Santa believing house. Grateful they showed me that through their clever daughter’s eyes 🙂
    • Holy shit, “Where Did I Come From?” is also a movie?!?!? My mom just handed me the book and walked out of the room. I know what I’m watching tonight!

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