049 Stop Seeking Approval for Your Veganism

Wanting others to enjoy and approve of our vegan food is natural, but the impulse is more harmful than helpful. By asking others to judge your veganism by it’s food, and how closely that food resembles it’s animal-product analog, you are essentially asking others to approve of your veganism.

In This Episode

After additional thoughts on their recent no kids episode, the girls dig into the idea that by making veganism look easy by doing a lot of work, or by trying to get everyone to see how good vegan food is, we essentially ask those around us to approve of our choice to be vegan. This undermines the fact that our veganism is usually a hard won decision, coming from a place of deep introspection, a decision made inside ourselves that doesn’t need an ok by the outside world. As we’re in the midst of the holiday season, this topic is probably especially relevant. Having family coming to stay, we may feel emboldened to enforce our vegan boundaries within the safety of our own homes, but simultaneously feel compelled to over-accommodate our guests in order to prove that vegan food is sooooo good. But this misses the bigger picture! Veganism is not valid based on how good the food is. Veganism is a moral choice, and even when it’s a health choice, it’s still a choice made outside of convenience or taste, a choice made on research and careful thought. By trying to prove that there are no sacrifices or adjustments needed when someone goes vegan undermines the significance of deciding that veganism is the right decision regardless of any sacrifice. There are often sacrifices or consequences for our veganism, and by allowing everyone to put all the focus on the food, it’s dishonest representation. Pretty much everyone who goes vegan will feel it in their social life, even if the food aspect is never an issue. The beauty of making a decision that is right for you, is that once you make it, it doesn’t matter what the difficulties are – you are prepared and willing to navigate them as they come up because you have the strength of your convictions to see you through. You don’t need someone else to come in, after you’ve done the work, and approve or disapprove of your lifestyle based on one superficial aspect of it.

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