050 Building Vegan Community – a Princess / Bloke Collabo!

For our 50th episode, we did an amazing collaborative episode with Warren Leeds from Those Vegan Aussie Blokes. We have a lot of laughs while we discuss the importance of creating a kind and welcoming vegan community, and the danger of mean vegans to the movement.  

In This Episode

Nichole and Callie were thrilled to connect with Warren Leeds from Those Vegan Aussie Blokes to be our special guest host on an important episode about the need for a safe, welcoming vegan community, and the dangers of “mean” vegans to new vegans or the veg-curious. Warren has worked to create safe spaces for vegans and non-vegans alike on Facebook and YouTube after being disappointed and discouraged by the vegan police online. He realized that if their comments made him want to quit being a public figure, then they can certainly make other people want to quit seeking support, which could lead to them not being vegan anymore, or never becoming vegan in the first place. To combat this, Warren created a closed group on Facebook that he monitors very closely to make sure it stays a safe space for open, honest discussions, connection and building a supportive community. Nichole and Callie discuss their experiences with this, and then Warren gives some recommendations for other safe spaces around the interwebs (see links below). In the end, all of us believe that this movement cannot progress without compassion and kindness for ALL, including each other! You can follow Those Vegan Aussie Blokes on:

Links and Information

News Talked About on the Show
Lettuce vs Bacon Recommended Friendly Vegan Communities
  • The Vegan Zombie: hilarious YouTube channel with awesome vegan recipes, based on the premise that it’s after the apocalypse and the only people to stay not-undead are vegans (because they didn’t eat the tainted meat, of course!). In addition to cool recipes, you might also learn zombie survival skills!
  • Conscious Muscle: Jordan David is a vegan bodybuilder and health coach, as well as a dad. He’s vegan for all reasons, and seeks to support anyone looking to become more vegan while also staying strong.
  • Plant Strong Fitness: run by a vegan couple, Lauren and Fraser, Plant Strong Fitness seeks to help people achieve their fitness goals on a plant-based diet. As Lauren says, they want to show the world “that you can be a fit, strong, person and live a compassionate life of peace!” Trigger warning: this site uses the word “fat” a lot (in terms of losing) and is mostly geared towards helping people lose weight.
  • Super Strength Health: Lacy Davis is a health and wellness coach, and she offers her services in a body positive way, as well as being an all around rock star.
  • Rise & Resist Podcast: our girl crushes Holly Noll and Lacy Davis run a feminist, vegan, body positive, podcast where they talk about favorite snacks, lifting, and overcoming obstacles.
  • The Full Helping: a vegan certified nutritionist, Gena Hamshaw’s blog is an amazing resource for simple healthy recipes and a safe space for the veg-curious.
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