051 Happy New Year! Cool Vegans Doing Cool Things in 2015

For our first New Year’s episode, we interviewed the talents behind Our Hen House, Driftwood Magazine, Rise & Resist, and Miyoko’s Kitchen to see what cool things they did in 2015, and what they have coming up in 2016!

In This Episode

Callie and Nichole take a break from the usual format to interview some cool vegans who did cool stuff in 2015!

Our Hen House

  The always hysterical and raucous ladies of Our Hen House were kind enough to agree to an amazing, hilarious and, at times, touching interview. We talked to Jasmin Singer and Mariann Sullivan about their new podcast ventures in 2015. Jasmin has her own show, Teaching Jasmin How to Cook Vegan, where she “finally” learns to cook vegan food from a wide cast of vegan chefs, cookbook authors and kitchen savvy friends. The show is all about learning the absolute basics of cooking, perfect for vegans who usually rely on take out versus cooking in. Mariann created the Animal Law podcast, a fascinating and much-needed show about the world of animal law. Mariann is a law professor and longtime activist, she gives news updates from around the world and interviews lawyers and activists on the frontlines of changing legislation to make the world safer for animals. Coming up in 2016? Jasmin will be touring for her new book, Always Too Much and Never Enough, her memoir about her journey through food addiction to recovery, which is scheduled to release February 2, 2016. Callie and I will be at the February book signing on February 11 in L.A., come join us there!

Driftwood Magazine

  Our buddy Holly Feral from Driftwood Magazine spoke to us about the trials and tribulations of creating and distributing an indie magazine, as well as the joys and triumphs. An inspiring interview for anyone interested in being an entrepreneur and particularly anyone curious about some of the behind-the-scenes of published media. Driftwood Magazine is a stunning magazine, available in digital and print formats, that seeks to tell vegans what is possible by documenting what other vegans are doing around the world including vegan travel stories, profiles on interesting vegans from all countries, and breaking news from the global vegan community. Holly is pushing to get Driftwood distribution to Canada for 2016, as well as all the exciting editions that will be published in the next year!

Rise & Resist

  Lacy Davis and Holly Noll from the Rise & Resist podcast joined us to tell us about their journey beginning a vegan female powerlifting podcast in 2015, which we were so excited about because our shows totally have girl crushes on each other! Lacy and Holly talked about lessons learned about starting a show as well as all the amazing benefits, in a fun and funny interview. The ladies of Rise & Resist never fail to make us laugh and make us think. Lacy had a very exciting announcement for 2016: she’s hoping to open a feminist, body positive gym in Portland, OR. She’ll be creating a Kickstarter in the near future to get funded and test out interest. We are seriously considering moving to Portland just to be able to join that gym!

Miyoko’s Kitchen

  Miyoko Schinner from Miyoko’s Kitchen came on to dish about her new cookbook, The Homemade Vegan Pantry: The Art of Making Your Own Staples, an innovative cookbook for those who want to know how to make vegan staples from scratch, everything from ketchup to yogurt to pasta sauce. Perfect for the home chef who likes to do everything themselves! We also briefly chatted about her sharp cheddar cheese sauce, which Callie and Nichole were lucky enough to try on Christmas morning. In 2016, Miyoko is working to get in-store distribution for her nearly-always-sold-out buffalo style fresh mozzarella, and is introducing a creamery style vegan butter. She’s also currently working on an update to her famous Artisan Vegan Cheese cookbook, with color photos and updated recipes.
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