061 Is Sperm Vegan? And Other Annoying Questions

Callie and Nichole tackle annoying questions like, “Is sperm vegan?” “What if you were stranded on a desert island?” and they’re favorite, “But lions though.” Content Warning: use of ableist language “stupid” and “dumb” We realized after taping that “stupid” and “dumb” are ableist language. We humbly apologize for using these words so frequently in this episode, and vow to do better in the future. Our schedule did not allow for a re-taping of the episode, and we think that it is otherwise one of our favorites, so we’re going to let it stand with the acknowledgement that we need to do better with our language. We’re still learning and growing. We understand if anyone needs to skip this episode because of this but please just know we are working on it.  

In This Episode

The princesses have a blast going through a collection of annoying, infuriating, ignorant questions that vegans get asked:
  • Is sperm vegan?
  • Ewwwww! VEGAN cheese/meat!? What’s it made out of?!?
  • What about lions?
  • What if you were stranded on a desert island…and other gotcha questions
  • What if you ate a veggie burger, but then found out it was a real burger. Would you still be vegan???
  • How do you make tofu taste good? It has no flavor!
  • Is this just a phase / would you go back / what would make you go back?
  • Don’t you wish you were eating this? / What foods do you miss?
  • Do you mind if I eat this (animal product) in front of you?
  • Will you eat meat when you’re pregnant? Will you raise your kids vegan?
  • Aren’t you worried you won’t be able to find a husband/wife?

Links and Information

News Special Shout-out
A special thank you to Punk Rawk Labs who fueled this episode with their generous donation of vegan cheeses. We were completely blown-away by how delicious all the cheeses are, particularly the Nacho Cheese and Smoked flavors. We seriously can’t recommend them enough: Come Join Us!
VWPA will be at the Vegan Street Fair in L.A. on March 20th! We’ll be hosting a meet and greet beforehand, stay tuned for details! The meetup will be post on our Facebook page, follow us to be notified!
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