066 Veganism & Anarchy with Which Side Podcast

Anarchy (Urban Dictionary Definition): Mostly seen nowadays when posers write it on their bags or hands. They never have any idea what it means, and probably have no interest in politics whatsoever. Don’t be a poser, man – find out the true meaning of anarchy in today’s conversation with Jeremy and Jordan of Which Side Podcast!  

In This Episode

Veganism and anarchy are two things that often go together, particularly in the punk/straight-edge crowd, but anarchy was something that Nichole and Callie knew little-to-nothing about. So we invited our friends Jeremy Parkin and Jordan Halliday from Which Side Podcast to talk to us about anarchy and a whole smattering of other things, and despite Jeremy and Jordan’s protests that they are not anarchy experts, they provided tons of great information for people who know nothing about anarchy to get an idea of what it’s all about, plus referrals to some great resources (links below in the Links and Information section!). We had an awesome conversation that veered into discussions around sexism, capitalism, consumerism, how we can work within the system while still trying to change the system, security culture and much much more. Anarachy: absence of all forms of government or hierarchy, and absolute freedom of the individual; regarded as a political ideal. A society in which individuals cooperate as equals. Plus, Nichole discovers that she’s an anarchist! Hurrah! (updating OK Cupid profile now….)

Links and Information

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