074 Labels & Identity

We’re talking about labels again! Today the princesses chat about labels and how they relate to identity: why we use them, why we don’t, and the power of reclaiming them.  

In This Episode

We broke this talk into three sections: Why choose to use a label?
  • Labels can help you figure out who you are (especially if you are going through changes)
  • They don’t have to be concrete, just because you use a label doesn’t mean you are committed for life
  • Builds strength & character
  • You don’t necessarily want to use them lightly, but also don’t stress too much about being perfect first
  • Labels can help you feel connected to others especially if the direction you’re headed isn’t A “popular” one
Why do some choose not to use labels?
  • Worried about alienating people
  • Feel they haven’t “earned it yet”
  • See others getting ripped to shreds over not doing it right
The power of labels & reclaiming them
  • Labels can be for ourselves, yet it’s common for other people to take them over/taint them
  • Taking over or turning labels into something gross is a tactic, (if we are comfortable) we shouldn’t let other dictate what a label means (e.g., feminism)
  • Callie tells a work story

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    • Relevant to the discussion on Israel: http://www.turkeyagenda.com/vegan-killers-israeli-vegan-washing-and-the-manipulation-of-morality-1656.html “As made clear by the praise received following the decision to offer vegan options for the IDF, Israel is successfully manipulating politically disinclined animal lovers all over the world into accepting its duplicitous political agenda. Combining the non-intersectional and unsound rhetoric of 269 Life and Yourofsky with the IDF’s vegan options, the vegan-washing campaign is desperately working to cloak the atrocities of the occupation.” I recently watched this YouTube video: https://youtu.be/LAhcgrtlKwQ and it showed me another perspective on this issue. Like I have heard on your podcast, I am also new to these conversations and I’m always learning. I think this is relevant to the things you talk about on the podcast though so I figured you’d find this information useful or at least interesting 🙂
        • Thank you for the info, Adam! Definitely always trying to learn and we know these issues are complex. Any information is always encouraged and very much appreciated 🙂
          – Nichole

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