078 Why We Shouldn’t Philosophize Pain

From Decartes to Dawkins, there is a long and dangerous history of philosophers using their powerful minds to theorize about the pain that humans and animals experience. The princesses call for us to all check ourselves when evaluating the experiences and pain of others.

Philosophizing Pain

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Content Warning: the main topic includes mentions of pedophilia, rape, abuse, and child neglect.

Prompted by the scandal around Richard Dawkin’s interview and subsequent tweets (see links below) about the “mild pedophelia” he experienced and how he ranks different types of pedophilia and rape as lesser or worse, Nichole wanted to have a chat about the dangers of philosophizing the pain and experiences of others.

The girls talk about a very wide range of things, including people who are One-Uppers and the incredible harm caused by ranking different types of abuse.

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