079 Desensitized to Violence: Vegans’ Worst Nightmare

Vegans often approach activism from a “they just don’t know” perspective. But what happens when they do know, when they see the worst, and they still don’t care?

Desensitized to Violence

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The princesses discuss what happens when people get desensitized to violence against animals. What does that mean for activism and the movement? A lot of vegans bank on the shock value of graphic imagery to sway people to the vegan side, but is it the most effective method?

There’s been a reaction from the meat-eating crowd: backyard slaughter workshops teach how to kill and “process” animals yourself as a counterpoint to the horror of what happens to animals in factory farms and slaughterhouses. This leaves us open to welfare-ist arguments and steers the conversation away from the ethics of eating animals.

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  • LOVED this podcast – I listened to it twice and you summed up everything I didn’t realize I was thinking about violence. I can’t tell you how much this has contributed to my research in transitioning to veganism.

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