081 Having Hard Conversations

Callie and Nichole walk through their top tips for having hard conversations, useful for everything from breaking up to establishing vegan boundaries.

How to Have Hard Conversations

In This Episode

Nichole and Callie break down their 10 top tips for having effective, difficult conversations:

  1. Be clear and direct
  2. Keep it short and simple
  3. End the conversation, give the other person time to process
  4. Communicate in whatever medium works best for you
  5. Don’t try to change their mind or win the argument, just state specific needs
  6. Avoid “always” and “never” statements
  7. Use “I” framing versus “You” blaming
  8. Stick to the specific instance/topic at hand, don’t go angry wandering
  9. Don’t apologize for your feelings
  10. Recognize others’ feelings are valid

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  • Recently I had a irrational fear of an in-law meat-BBQ Birthday party. I was being terrible internally thinking how terrible the event will be for me. I let my crazy get out of control for a few days prior to the birthday party. But really I knew that this family would never give me a hard time for being vegan because they don’t want to have those conversations.
    Once I had a plan, knowing what I should wear, then what I was going to wear, and my plan for food (leave early enough so I could eat before we arrived). The event was really nothing. Only one (new) family member asked why I didn’t eat the burger/hotdogs and after I answered that was it. No drama. We were really only there for less than 4 hours.
    So by actually avoiding having a difficult conversation with my Omni husband, of 23 years, I was able to acknowledge my crazy internally and prevented putting my husband in a relationship issue that wasn’t really necessary.
    (PS: I’ve only been vegan for 2.5 years)

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