085 Mixed Bag: Advice, Rants & More!

The princesses had a lot of random shit to talk about this week, so we put it all together in a mixed bag episode! We announce a new advice segment on the show, each rant about something that’s pissing us off, announce upcoming travel and speaking events, go over a ton of news, and talk about the efficacy of telling non-vegans that they don’t love animals if they eat them.  

In This Episode

Among the many topics covered today: Advice
We announce the start of an advice segment on the show, and kick it off by answering listener Lexi’s question: “I’m a bridesmaid in my brother’s upcoming wedding, and I’m being told I have to pay $100 for food and snacks that day but it won’t be vegan and I can’t afford it anyway. What do I do!?” Rants
Nichole rages about Vita Coco’s body-shaming lies on the side of their coconut water containers; Callie rails about dudes on OK Cupid messaging her when they are like a 30% match and have hella serious conflicts in morals. Upcoming Travel/Events We’ll be creating meet and greet events around this travel, watch for them on our Facebook page or join the VWPA Society to be kept in the loop! Main Topic
The “main” topic of the day, if there really is one, is Nichole and Callie discussing the merits, if any, of telling non-vegans that they don’t really love animals if they eat meat. While we understand the sentiment, this tactic doesn’t serve much of a purpose and only serves to create a combative atmosphere between vegans and non-vegans, plus it greatly oversimplifies the complexities of human emotions.

Links and Information

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