086 Live Episode: Annoying Questions, Part 2! from Animal Place’s Vegan Republic

For our first live episode, we revisited (more) annoying questions vegans get from omnivores in front of an amazing audience at Animal Place’s Vegan Republic!

Live Episode from Animal Place's Vegan Republic

In This Episode

As a follow-up to our much beloved Annoying Questions episode, the princesses revisit everyone’s favorite ridiculous question – is sperm vegan? – and then move on to tackle new annoying queries:

  • Is sperm vegan?
  • Why aren’t you eating anything? (at a party/potluck)
  • Why don’t you care about people?
  • My friends went vegan and… (their tooth turned grey! Did your tooth turn grey?)
  • Aren’t you ALWAYS hungry?
  • Why be vegan if you still want “SAD” food? (food that mimics meat or animal products, junk food, etc.)
  • What about indigenous people or people who eat animals to survive?
  • What if you were stranded on a deserted island?
  • So ahhhh… Are you eating meat these days? (Submitted by a 20 year veg who was asked this by her mom)
  • Aren’t humans the top of the food chain?
  • Oh your vegan? Don’t you fart a lot??

We had such a great time and give a huge THANK YOU! to Animal Place’s Vegan Republic who were not only kind enough to host us, but also have an amazing array of vegan items (we totally went on a shopping spree before our talk started!). Thank you as well to everyone who came out to see us, it was incredible getting to meet all of you face to face and laugh together!

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