088 Building Community, Anarchy & What We Can Learn from Religion: A Which Side Collabo!

After the Salt Lake City VegFest, the princesses sat down with the boys from Which Side to discuss the need for a welcoming vegan community, tips we can take from organized religions to achieve this, and a whole unrelated tangent about anarchy at the end!

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In This Episode

Callie and Nichole chill in the Which Side Podcast studio with Jeremy Parkin and Jordan Halliday in Salt Lake City to talk about why it’s so vitally important that we build a warm, inclusive vegan community, and ways that we can do that. There’s a lot of support and pressure around tactics for getting people to go vegan, but not much for keeping people vegan and, let’s be real, our retention rate is not so good.

Although we’re all hardcore atheists, we all think there’s a lot that religions do right in terms of welcoming newcomers, building community, and caring for their own, so we talk a bit about what we can take from religion to do this within our community as well.

And then it wouldn’t be a true VWPA episode without at least one tangent, so we end up going completely off rails and talking a lot about anarchy towards the end!

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