089 Is “Vegan-Shaming” the New Fat-Shaming? (Spoiler Alert: NO)

After reading an article on this topic, the Princesses were inspired to talk about the concept of “vegan-shaming,” the complexities of wanting people to change at their own pace but also being acutely aware that lives are on the line, and the appropriation of the term fat-shaming.  

In This Episode

Callie read an opinion piece posted on The State Press titled, “Vegan-shaming is the new fat-shaming” and wanted to talk about this concept on air. Both of the girls struggle with thinking that people should have choices over what they do with their bodies, and also thinking that eating animals is murder and shouldn’t be”ok” ever. How do we reconcile with this in how we approach our activism? Nichole rails about the appropriation of “fat-shaming,” which is a tool of oppression, being compared to shaming carnists as a method of activism to try to dismantle a system of oppression. Callie chimes in that fat-shaming isn’t exactly a thing of the past, so saying something is the new fat-shaming is pretty fucking offensive and dismissive of the experiences of people who experience fat-shaming in their lives. Also, the “vegan-shaming” in this article is a misnomer, it really should be “carnist-shaming” or something similar.

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    • This is one of your best posts ever. The layers that you uncover in this podcast are important and need to be discussed. Especially the scope of educating people that seem to love their own ignorance.
    • Wow, talk about timing. I was on my damn face book and this cute young man was talking about his vegan tattoos he got
      over the course of 24 hours, then some little shit starts in on him he should have been out helping animals instead and he looked gross. Then someone was expressing joy over all the uses of coconut oil and some little shit has to say “well unless your allergic to it and then it will kill you” now these are all vegans. Always has to be some little shit to poop on the parade. I don’t get. The best point you made was “its not about me” its not about us is so true. Its about animals. Are people forgetting that?

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