095 Is Truth Brutal Just Because It’s True? A Conversation with Lorelei Plotczyk

Lorelei of Eat Plants, Drink Beer is with the Princesses to talk about her response to an article in Elephant Journal that addressed the impossible conundrum vegans face: we feel obligated to advocate for animals, but are told we are being harsh and awful simply by telling people the truth. What to do?


In This Episode

Former fellow San Diegan Lorelei Plotczyk of Eat Plants, Drink Beer drops in on the VWPA studio to discuss her amazing article in Elephant Journal that was a response to another article written by a non-vegan farmer who was making the statement that vegans are too harsh and offensive in their approach.

As a broader topic, the trio discuss the concept around reverse victimization, why the truth of our food system is so brutal for people to hear, and what can we do about spreading our message while not shutting people down?

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