096 More Talk about Positivity and a Conversation with A Privileged Vegan about Changing Our Names

The Princesses further the discussion of positivity culture this week after feedback from listeners; then are joined by Marine from the A Privileged Vegan YouTube channel to talk about anxieties over our show names.


In This Episode

Continuing the Conversation about Positivity
While many found our recent episode railing against positivity culture cathartic, we did receive a lot of feedback that some listeners took it personally. Many people use positivity in their lives to mitigate the effects mental illness. It was never our intention to put down any individual’s need for positivity in their life; our aim in the original episode was to comment on the overall culture of positivity that makes many of us suffering from mental illness feel like we have to hide our true experiences of the world under a false veneer of cheerful outlook. In an effort to reconcile these two avenues of thought, Nichole details some of the ways that she includes positivity in her life in order to keep the depression demons at bay, particularly around her chronic illness.

Chatting with A Privileged Vegan
The second half of this episode is dedicated to a conversation we were able to have with Marine from the A Privileged Vegan YouTube channel about her recent changes to her channel’s name. The Princesses confide they’ve had concerns about the name of this show as well. An interesting talk for anyone interested in marketing, branding, entrepreneurialism, and/or just hearing our inner thoughts on things.

A Privileged Vegan is an amazing channel, we strongly encourage our listeners to check it out. Marine covers a wide range of intersectionally-focused issues in a well-researched, forthright way. We are huge fans of hers!

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  • Thank you so much for your podcast, and for sharing your experience with depression/self-care. You two are so awesome!! <3

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