099 Should We Have Compassion for Non-Vegans?

Inspired by a discussion thread in the VWPA Society, the Princesses discuss if we should practice compassion for non-vegans. A surprisingly in-depth conversation that led us to some unexpected conclusions!

Compassion for non-vegans

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A listener posted this question to our VWPA Society group on Facebook:

I’ve been struggling with this idea that we vegans should be “compassionate” to non-vegans. I’ve seen people mock vegans, send us pictures of meat/dairy, and just be flat out rude and defensive and I have to be honest, it’s difficult for me to have compassion for these people. I also know people who know the facts but refuse to go vegan just because they like the taste of animal products. I don’t like to be rude to people but I see no point in having compassion for someone who isn’t a victim but in fact a perpetrator and doesn’t even treat me with compassion. Idk, do you guys still have compassion for people like the ones I’ve described?

Callie and Nichole were very drawn to this question, this idea of compassion for non-vegans. On one hand, we both believe that a lot more compassion could make this world a better place. On the other hand, we see compassion sometimes being used as code for “avoid making people uncomfortable.”

In an interesting conversation that surprised even us, we really dig into the concept of compassion, what it really means, and if we feel like we “should” have it for others who are still participating in systems of violence and oppression.

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