100 Celebrating 100 Episodes!

Today we celebrate our 100th episode with our favorite clips from our episode catalog!  

In This Episode

Callie and Nichole pull their favorite clips from past episodes to celebrate their 100th episode! Much laughter and hilarity ensue, a perfect way to commemorate this exciting milestone for VWPA! Clips:
  1. “The Beginning” – the intro to our very first episode (from: Episode 1)
  2. “Chips and Salsa” – sometimes you just gotta order those fucking chips (from: Episode 3)
  3. “The Mashed Potato Incident” – just a vegan ruining Christmas (from: Episode 2)
  4. “Pussy Strong” – they have babies and stuff! (from: Episode 4)
  5. “Rhino Horns” – Callie loses her shit in an epic way (from: Episode 19)
  6. “Star Wars” – do NOT try to fool around with Nichole while she’s watching a movie! (from: Episode 23)
  7. “Oracle” – Nichole is very wise, it’s official (from: Episode 28)
  8. “The Apocalypse” – Nichole lists her apocalypse survival skills; Callie is not impressed (from: Episode 38)
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