103 Accessible Activism for 2017

Last week, we talked about amazing organizations that you can donate to in order to fight the system. This week, we talk about low or no cost, accessible options for taking actions in 2017 to disrupt the establishment.

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Senator Doug Erikson, a trump supporter, is promising to introduce new legislation that would punish protesting as a legal felony if it causes economic disruption and hurts corporate profits. An extension of the same legislation that was once used to criminalize environmentalists and eco-terrorists, the proposed “Preventing Economic Terrorism Act” could be leveraged against a wide range of social activism, including anti-Trump protests.

Ericksen also says that the bill won’t be limited to protesters. It will include those who “fund, organize, sponsor or otherwise encourage others to commit acts of economic terrorism.”

Shit is getting real so we need to get real right back!

Accessible Actions that You Can Take Today

  1. Make Phone Calls: phone calls are shockingly effective. (More information will be added here shortly, including links to resources & scripts)
  2. Organized Boycotts: boycotting individual products is powerful, but even more powerful is when we all come together to boycott corporations and even states or cities. Shaun King has organized an Injustice Boycott that seeks to disrupt systems of oppression by targeting specific areas and companies that are implicit in the most harmful injustices we are facing today. MLK did this with the bus boycotts in the 50s for 381 days. This year we saw people, celebrities, corporations, organizations boycott the entire state of North Carolina for their anti-LGBTQ legislation. This can be done and it does work!
  3. Get Informed: learn the truth behind stories that you hear. If something sounds outlandish, do some research. Often the stories that we are sold are a dramatized, distorted version of the truth, meant to keep us from digging deeper and making assumptions about others.
  4. Inform your friends, family, coworkers, etc. with the knowledge you have. Have talks with those immediately around you. Don’t stay silent when moments present themselves to reinforce your ethics or spread information.
  5. Get plugged in: find groups who organize events in your area and show up to rallies/demonstrations when/if you can. Facebook is a great resource for this. Connect with people who are leading these organizations to learn how you can help if you are a person of privilege in a way that doesn’t put others in danger or take focus away from the people in the effected commmunity.
  6. Consume alternative media: “alternative” meaning non-corporate. We like Al Jazeera, Watchdog.org, Democracy Now! and The Young Turks. There are many articles out there that recommend non-corporate news sources, you can start with this one by Occupy.com.
  7. Learn the truth: learn the actual truth behind the headlines. Consult multiple news sources. Don’t give into the memes!
  8. Spread the truth: on social media, and join in on targeted social media campaigns.
  9. Use your platform to signal boost voices of the marginalized and/or spread information – teachers, podcasters, bloggers, even CEOs can do this.
  10. Learn to be a good, safe ally. Speak up when you see/hear things, but make sure to do so in a safe way. For a place to start, read this comic by Artist Marie-Shirine Yener made for bystanders who witness anti-Muslim harassment, but can be applied to other harassment situations. This video by the Barnard Center for Reasearch on Women gives 6 helpful tips for what to do when you witness racist or transphobic harrassment or assault.
  11. GET WOKE. The time for fragility is over.


The time for action has come. Between the treatment of the water protectors at Standing Rock to the promised outlawing of protest as economic terrorism by Trump supporter Senator Doug Erikson, we are being shown what it really means to speak out in this country. There are powerful forces at work trying to silence our voices and the only way to combat this is by not being quiet, by taking action on all fronts and using tactics that are peaceful but potent. Hit them where they hurt, their wallets, and never give them or their staff a moments rest. Go out into the streets. Scream, chant, yell, talk, learn, spread information.

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