104 Single Issue Campaigns: Harmful or Helpful?

Today we’re discussing single issue campaigns and whether they are helpful or harmful, in both human and non-human animal contexts.

In This Episode

Inspired by a recent Bearded Vegans episode, the Princesses realized that we’ve never tackled the topic of single issue campaigns and whether or not they are hamful, helpful, or something else entirely.

We take a look at both human and non-human single issue campaigns to see where these can be very effective, and where they can be extremely hurtful. We talk about Black Lives Matter, Women’s Right to Vote, Gay Marriage, SeaWorld, anti-fur campaigns, beagles in animal testing, among other topics.

Towards the end, Nichole gives her three checkpoints to determine if a single issue campaign is a worthwhile campaign that is seeking to make real change while avoiding harming the movement that it’s part of:

  1. Is this issue supporting or even promoting further oppression of other animals/people?
  2. Is it at the expense or exclusion of other animals/people?
  3. Does it address the issues of the related system of oppression?

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