106 Vegan Activism in a Post-Trump Era: A Collaborative Episode with The Bearded Vegans!

In our annual collaborative episode with The Bearded Vegans, we discuss vegan activism in a post-Trump era: with all the bullshit going on, is it appropriate to still advocate for animals? We also discuss “identity politics” as something that is being portrayed negatively in the media.

In This Episode

The Princesses team up with The Bearded Vegans for what has become an annual tradition of collaborating on an episode. In this one, we discuss how are struggling to continue our animal and vegan activism in this frightening post-Trump era. Should we? Can we? And how do we do it without detracting from all the other social issues that have come screaming to the forefront of everyone’s minds?

Also discussed is the concept of identity politics and why it’s being portrayed as a negative thing.

Identity Politics: also called identitarian politics, refers to political positions based on the interests and perspectives of social groups with which people identify. (Wikipedia definition)

VWPA & TVB: putting out Trumpster fires for the greater good.

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