108 2-Year Anniversary Episode!

We’re celebrating two years of VWPA on today’s episode with TWO jokes and answers to listener questions while we eat tater tots and drink Bloody Mary’s. Cheers!

In This Episode

We’re drinking Bloody Mary’s, eatin’ tots, telling jokes and answering questions on today’s 2 year celebration episode!

Listener Questions

  • What super power would you have if you could only have one? (from listener Rose)
  • What has been the hardest part of keeping the show going? (from listener Tabitha)
  • Have you changed your opinion on anything since you started? If so, what? (from listener Tabitha)
  • Favorite books? Tv shows? Games? Feminist role models? (from listener Melissa)
  • Are you returning to England ever? (from listener Lucy)
  • Have you looked into zero waste lifestyle, what do you think about it? (from listener Lucy)
  • What are your biggest pet peeves and weirdest habit? (from listener Lucy)
  • How are you? (from listener Pellumb)
  • Do you know how awesome you both are? (from listener Tabitha)
  • How do you feel about being patriarchal-capitalism-carnist smashing heroes to your listeners? (from listener Melissa)
  • What’s next for VWPA? YouTube? Overnight activities, lectures, etc., future plans? (from listeners Mike and Allison)

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