110 Intersectionality Redux: a Response to the Unnatural Vegan- Part 1

We are on 10 today, talking about the Unnatural Vegan’s recent “Why I’m not an intersectional/social justice vegan” video, and also using this as an opportunity to go back and do intersectionality right.

In This Episode

We can’t even begin to summarize the problems in the Unnatural Vegan’s video about why she is not an intersectional slash social justice vegan, so we took this chance to go bit by bit through her video and talk about how each point made is problematic and deeply concerning. There was so much to say we couldn’t even fit it into one episode! Stay tuned for Part 2 next week, we finish deconstructing her video and wrap up our thoughts on the matter. We also were glad to have an opportunity to revisit the topic of intersectionality, since we made an episode about it before we were properly educated on the concept and have always wanted the chance to do better. So we review intersectionality, the origin and definition of the word, as well as discuss why it is so critically important not just from an emotional, communications aspect, but also from a legal one.

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    • Awesome show guys always super insightful!! Just wanted to say that many millennials are actually in college right now as many have the birth range from early 80s to mid 90s and even early 2000s!
        • Thanks Gerald! The last article I read (link below) said the Pew Research Center put the birth date range from 1977-1992, making the youngest Millennials 25 years old. The average age according to most research puts them born between 1980-1996, making the youngest 21, which is the age that you *usually* are graduating college or are in your last year. So, we acknowledge that some Millennials are still somewhat young, but they are not the 18-21 year old crowd, and certainly not the highschoolers, that most people label as “Millennials.” The 14 Most Destructive Myths about Millennials Debunked by Data (Medium.com): https://medium.com/the-mission/the-14-most-destructive-millennial-myths-debunked-by-data-aa00838eecd6#.670nulcti
    • “On my return from Spain I thought of exposing the Soviet myth in a story that could be easily understood by almost anyone and which could be easily translated into other languages. However, the actual details of the story did not come to me for some time until one day (I was then living in a small village) I saw a little boy, perhaps ten years old, driving a huge cart-horse along a narrow path, whipping it whenever it tried to turn. It struck me that if only such animals became aware of their strength we should have no power over them, and that men exploit animals in much the same way as the rich exploit the proletariat.” from George Orwell Preface to Animal Farm: the Ukrainian edition. It seems like people were realizing that there were parallel between animal oppression and human oppression.
        • I’m just about to re-read Animal Farm. I read it as a non-vegan and am excited to see my new interpretation of it. I hope that my version has that preface, thank you for sharing that bit of it! – Nichole
            • You are welcome. If your copy does not have it, (mine did not) here is the link to it: http://home.iprimus.com.au/korob/Orwell.html
              I hope you cover it on the show. I would love to hear your intersectional vegan perspectives on it. LOL
              You guys have become one of my favorite people in the world. I look forward to your podcast every week with excitement while I swim through the archives of your shows past. The way you guys convey thoughts and emotions during the show is crystal magic and enchanting. The so candid laughter gets me everytime. LOL. Keep up the good work. As soon as I get paid, I shall contribute to the show. Thank you for sharing and enlightening us.

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