111 Intersectionality Redux: a Response to the Unnatural Vegan- Part 2

We’re back with part 2 of our blow-by-blow breakdown of what is wrong with the Unnatural Vegan’s recent “Why I’m not an intersectional/social justice vegan” video, and also using this as an opportunity to go back and do intersectionality right.

In This Episode

Finishing up where we left off last week, we finsih our analysis of the Unnatural Vegan’s video about why she is not an intersectional slash social justice vegan, and give our final thoughts on the matter.

Links and Information

News Mentioned in this Episode
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    • I’m so incredibly excited for this episode after listening to last week’s! Unrelated, I’m a new listener (3 weeks now) and am curious: have you considered doing a live episode for fellow San Diegans/Southern Californians? Don’t know if it’s logistically possible, but it’d be damn cool!
        • That IS a really cool idea, we’ve definitely talked about things we could do for local peeps. We’ll keep you posted once we organize something! Thanks for listening, glad you found the show!!! <3 Nichole

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