112 Losing Relationships Over Politics

This week we’re talking about losing relationships over politics today, given that it is such a common occurrence in the current political climate.

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It is very common nowadays to hear about people unfriending, unfollowing or flat-out ending relationships with people around them over political disagreements. Trump’s election brought passions over social issues to the forefront and forced us all to take strong sides for what we believe.

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    • I can’t even get through the first 10 minutes of this episode without wanting to comment! I won’t speak for anyone else, but I feel like Americans tend to think that making bad decisions is exclusively an American trait. And then Germany pushed back on veggie-only events. Good on these people who are trying to increase awareness for the environmental impact of eating meat. I am so frustrated with all the environmental nonprofits who make no effort to encourage eating less meat as a way to fight climate change, especially since livestock are the largest contributors of greenhouse gases. In response to that meat company purchasing Maple Leaf foods: Nichole expressed concern of their intentions, but this strikes me as a good thing. Don’t give corporations too much credit; they are out for nothing more than profits. Spending $130m on a plant based company means they have $130m less to spend on expanding their bacon line.
    • I agree that our peers (friends and family) pressure us because if it is hard to resolve that someone they love and respect have beliefs (veganism, atheism) that are antithetical to theirs. I would like to add that eating meat and religion are a fundamental part of who they are, in some cases the very foundation of their identity. Thus accepting us as vegan or atheist challenges that foundation and makes them question who they are. That is a very hard pill to swallow.

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