121 Using Violent Imagery in Activism

Today we chat philosophically about using violent imagery in our vegan activism, specifically around efficacy, consent, and the objectification of animals.  

In This Episode

This week we kick it old school by tackling an issue from a philosophical standpoint: violent imagery in activism. We first briefly review two studies that look at the efficacy of violent imagery in activism; then we move onto consent, namely the consent of the viewer; and then we finish up by talking about how graphic images can objectify the victims. Joke in the Middle:
What do you call a bear with no teeth?

Links and Information

News Resources Used in Episode
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    • Come on guys, lets make this happen pretty please! This is seems like a great vegan Inter-sectional organization. All they need is a little nudge to get started and, before you know it, they might get get more popular than peta (non-capitalized, peta doesn’t deserves caps).

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