122 Responding to DxE’s Oppressive Activism-Gone-Wrong Video

Facebook was abuzz recently over a Facebook Live video filmed by Chase Avior of Direct Action Everywhere that documented him and another person conducting an oppressive and antagonistic “action” in front of The Otheroom in Venice, CA. The action ended with avoidable violence and highlights exactly why a pro-intersectional approach to activism is so crucial in the animal rights movement.  

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Content Warning: white privilege putting people of color in danger, antagonizing violent action, violence This week we talk about the recent Facebook Live video by Chase Avior and other members of DxE who decided to do a spontaneous action on the patrons of The Otheroom in Venice, CA; an action that ended with easily avoidable violence and potential danger to several people of color. This video encapsulates exactly the reasons why ALL activism, animal rights and otherwise, needs to be pro-intersectional. These two participants use their white privilege to bully and endanger several people of color, all for an action against an establishment which doesn’t even serve food. Facebook post with edited and original-length videos: https://www.facebook.com/groups/arzone/permalink/10155309323096457/ Joke in the Middle:
A sandwich walks into a bar and orders a beer. The bartender says…

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    • Aaaaand toxic masculinity ruins the party again! It is deliciously aweful and face-palmingly stupid! Really enjoyed your dissection of DxCand highlighting so many important issues x
    • First off… this liberal and tokenizing notion of nonviolence that DxE promotes is total crap.
      The method (showing videos) is not necessarily the issue, imo, but rather *how* activists have utilized this method that’s incredibly problematic. We can think of activists in masks showing footage on the street and I think most of us would probably say that’s okay. The racism on this video is SO gross but nonetheless surprising: if your organization is rooted on false ideologies (like the civil rights movement was only successful because it was ‘nonviolent’) and when leadership cannot be held accountable because the structure is so hierarchical (despite the buzz words they create to gain donations like ‘decentralized), and when collective only focuses on one oppression (in this case speciesism)… what do we expect? Spitting has a fucked up racist connotation. #ICantEven
        • Yeah, the spitting was so fucking far over the line #ICantEven either. Thank you for your comment, I couldn’t agree more. DxE is problematic AF and despite all the shit we are being given from their members, we won’t back down on this. <3 Nichole
    • “Don’t go into other people’s communities”? This is Abbot Kinney, in Venice, CA — a trendy, long-gentrified, middle-to-upper-middle class community full of privileged white people. Various AR activists were doing various actions on that street on that night, independent of each other; the rest of them had no physical altercations. Also, from what I understand, the woman trying to reason with them early in the video was a customer, and her brother was a customer. As far as I can tell, she has no connection to the owner of the establishment.
        • Don’t go into other people’s communities is a general bit of advice that we’ve talked about on the show previously. We used this action to illustrate why it’s important to understand the lived experiences of those you are trying to reach. In this instance, the DxE members were targeting people of color and yelling about the cops without understanding (or caring) of what the implications might be for those people. We obviously don’t mean Venice, CA.
    • I can’t find the video anywhere anymore…did someone take it down? I watched it the night it happened and I am looking for it now and it’s disappeared

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