123 Q&A: Dealing with Carnist Humor, Refusing Invitations, and Being Vulnerable with People We Love Most

We decided to answer some of the many questions we receive from listeners or see being posted in the VWPA Society. This week we tackle three variations of speaking up for yourself and for animals in varying social situations.  

In This Episode

We took three questions that we had seen posted in the VWPA Society on Facebook to answer this week. We saw them as being linked to concerns around speaking up in different potentially awkward social situations. Questions
  1. Someone in my choir group makes carnist jokes at my expense – what do I do?
  2. I was invited to a Kentucky Derby party – how do I turn down the event without endangering a potential friendship with the person who invited me?
  3. I have a really hard time talking about my veganism and vegan topics with people closest to me – why is this, and how do I overcome it?
Thank you to Rose, Cassie and Elizabeth for your questions! Joke in the Middle
What do you call a computer that sings?

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One comment

    • I liked your suggestion not to tolerate carnist jokes any more than you would any other bigoted joke. A good comeback would be to sarcastically say, ‘Ha, ha, do you know any sexist jokes, too?’ It would be especially effective if you used an oppressed group you identified with, female, gay, person of colour, etc. to really drive the point home that they are being rude.

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