125 Tricky Non-Vegan Items, Part 2: Down, Pet Pigs, Carnivorous Pets and Freeganism

It’s the second edition of our popular “Tricky Non-Vegan Items” series! Today we discuss why pet pigs, down, carnivorous pets, and freeganism are not considered strictly vegan.

In This Episode

Today, Nichole is a fussy, cranky baby and we’re talking about why certain things aren’t vegan or could be considered not vegan. If you haven’t listened, please check out our Tricky Non-Vegan Items Part 1, where we discuss things like horseback riding, wool, honey, and more!

Today we talk about how down is procured, why pet pigs don’t actually make good pets and specifically why teacup pigs are a cruel myth; we discuss having carnivorous pets, and finally explore freeganism, which is often not considered vegan if the freegan consumes animal products as part of their waste reclamation.

We end the show with another ridiculous apocalypse tangent. Prepare yourselves…

Joke in the Middle
What do clouds wear under their shorts?



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