126 Wonder Woman Review: Entertaining. NOT Feminist.

We braved the mall opening weekend to see Wonder Woman and give you our thoughts. Both spoiler-free and spoiler-full reviews included!

In This Episode

We kick off a four-part media review series (Nichole’s greatest dreams have come true!!!) with Wonder Woman, that lil indie movie that could (lol). Our overall evaluation is that it was entertaining but NOT feminist, as purported by feminist bloggers everywhere. We were extremely disappointed to see the same old tropes carried out in what should’ve been a groundbreaking mainstream superhero movie, including that D is the only thing that can make you reach your full potential. That sweet, sweet D. We give a spoiler-free review and then dig into full spoilers for those that have seen it or don’t care. Joke in the Middle
Where do cows go on dates? Next week: Ex Machina!

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    • SO tired of model-looking super heroes. Can we have a JACKED warrior with body hair? I’d love to see a powerlifter-style (broad structure) non-binary superhero. Never gonna happen.
      SO tired of the binaries.
      SO tired of heterosexism.
      SO tired of ableism.

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