131 Not All Hate is Created Equal Plus Guest Host Announcement!

Callie had a burning passion in her heart to talk about hate, and how it’s not all created equal: equating anger of the oppressed to that of the opposing view is simply another tool of oppression.

In This Episode

We give a quick Okja update after reading some interviews with Bong Joon-ho about his vision for the messages behind Okja, announce that we will be having a couple guest hosts over the next few weeks, and then jump into our main topic already on 10 about it – a rant-y episode if there ever was one!

We discuss how people who claim both sides of an argument are to blame for fighting or hatred are being oppressive by tone policing those that are the oppressed party. “Agreeing to disagree” only works when you are not arguing over people’s basic rights to life and safety.

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Interviews with Bong Joon-ho Mentioned in this Episode


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