138 Public Speaking & Presentation Tips

This week we flex our corporate expertise and talk about…talking! The Princesses give you their best tips and tricks for effective, persuasive, professional and engaging speeches, training sessions and presentations.

In This Episode

Callie and Nichole are flexin’ their expertise in the areas of public speaking and presentation skills to give you tips and tricks to up your communication game. Nichole is a corporate trainer and Callie is the president of her Toastmasters club, and today they are sharing all their best tips and tricks for effective and persuasive public speaking, and for delivering top-notch presentations.

While these tips are best for giving speeches or performing presentations at conferences, we tailored the conversation to demonstrate how you can take a lot of this to improve general communication skills: at work, in your activism, and in your personal life!

Topics covered
– Things to avoid in PowerPoints
– Ways to make your PowerPoints look good while still being effective
– Top mistakes made during presentations
– Presentation structure
– Adult learning tips
– Public speaking tips
– Tips for beating nerves

Joke Riddle in the Middle

What can you hold but never touch?

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