142 Advice! The Ethics of Having Kids, How to Activist, Vegan In-Fighting, and when Politics Endanger Friendships

Today we’re answering questions and giving advice! We cover dealing with differences in politics within a friendship, how to be an activist, the ethics of choosing to have children, and fighting with another vegan who also happens to be your sister on being too “high maintenance.”

In This Episode

We pulled a handful of questions from the VWPA Society group:

I really want kids, but is it selfish and immoral to bring a child into our world?

My sister, who is also vegan, fights with me over me telling servers that I’m vegan – she says everyone hates vegans because of vegans like me. Am I being too pushy?

I have a long-time friend that I love dearly but the current political environment has made me realize our politics are opposed. She keeps commenting on my Facebook posts. I don’t want our friendship to end but I’m afraid confronting her directly will damage it beyond repair, if I end up learning how she really feels. What do I do?

How did you find an avenue of activism that worked for your personality, experience, and authentic self? Is there a *right* way to be an activist? Can *just* being vegan BE an act of activism itself?

Joke in the Middle
Why do math books always seem so sad?

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