143 Dress Codes Suck! We Drink Whiskey & Read Some to Prove It

After a one episode break from our takedown of corporate culture, we’re back at it today talking about dress codes and how oppressive, awful and downright ridiculous they are. We read off some real ones to prove it!

In This Episode

Inspired by Callie’s recent experience at work, we decided to drink whiskey and read some real life actual dress codes. I mean, we also talk about how they are oppressive and educational blah blah but mostly we laugh a lot. Also, Nichole recaps the first 20 minutes of the 2007 Nic Cage hit, Next, and nearly loses her shit while doing so.

Joke in the Middle
“Our school’s dress codes are so strict….”

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  • Really enjoyed this episode. Nicole, thank you for sharing your feelings about being vulnerable. I too feel I don’t have the luxury of back up plans and safety nets..no family, etc. It’s a scary place to be. And Cali, thank you for sharing your recent experience at your job. The episode was very eye openning about the harms of corporate culture on us as individuals. I am especially creeped out at the thought that we are commodities..very interesting stuff..I hope you expand on it in the future!

    That said I would like to bring something up that I notice in progressive, liberal, “white” spaces (I hate the term white. Casper the ghost and fax paper is white- I am European American – are we “allowed” to talk about this as being an offensive word or is that poor “white” people tear stuff? Honest question.). Self deprecation.

    I’ve noticed it in a lot of your episodes, this discomfort with “white people” things, which is kind of amusing coming from “white” women. For example, you all make fun of “white” people food and talk about it being bland, etc. and poking fun at it and I don’t think this is constructiive in making “white” folks better, more fair people or in helping heal racial issues in this country. Let me explain…

    I listened to a podcast recently where Max Dashu was interviewed and she said something that has really affected me and made me have more compassion for “white” folks and their appropriation of other cultures and other racial slights and wrongs. She said something to the effect that because of the mass genocide of women and knowers of the old ways (eg pagans) in Europe (witch hunts and burnings), people of European hertiage have had their cultural heritage taken from them and that “white” people today are trying to recover what they have lost (rituals, community, ancestral ways) by looking and borrowing from other cultures (appropriation). Now, cultural appropriation is obviously hurtful and harmful and inappropriate, but it was a more compassionate perspective. One that was trying to understand where these ills may stem from rather than just poking fun or rolling their eyes at the idiot “white” folk who don’t have a clue. Once we understand that people of Europen descent are msising something (eg culture), which is so fundamental to our well being, we can begin healing in more positive, contructive ways. She and others advocate that “white” folks begin to reclaim their culture, rituals, etc of their ancestors rather than turning to other cultures to fulfill that need.

    All of this is to say that food is a very important part of culture, healing, medecine, connection to nature and the land, ancestral connections, etc and boring, bland what you and others consider “white people” food isn’t the food pre-Christian (pre-genocide) European peoples ate..it’s not ours. It’s some awful, late capitalist, industrial crap. My culture’s old foods are rich in herbs and spices – dill, carroway, chives and healing, fermented sour foods. It’s amazing, healthy, delicious and I am proud it is a part of who I am and won’t be rolling my eyes at it. I am going to celebrate it and maybe other people who are “White” will too and we can stop the appropriation, hurt and racism by becoming more comfortable with our own heritage.

    Just a thought.

    Thank you!

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