144 Smashing Gender! with Molly Woodstock from Smash Everything

We are so stoked to have Molly Woodstock from the Smash Everything podcast on our show today to talk about gender from a trans/non-binary perspective!

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Molly Woodstock from Smash Everything was kind enough to come on and talk about gender with us. We had an AMAZING discussion with Molly and are so proud and excited for y’all to hear this episode.

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Guest Bio
Molly Woodstock is the host of Smash Everything Podcast and an editor at Portland Monthly Magazine in Portland, Oregon. They write a lot about vegan food, queerness and gender, which makes sense because they are vegan and queer and think a lot about gender. You can contact Molly through their Facebook page.

Please support Molly’s work on their Smash Everything Patreon!

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