146 Movie Review: 500 Days of Summer

We’re in London and just gave our speech at VegFest London! To unwind we did one of our favorite things… watched a movie and then ripped it apart! We are joined by our good friend Marine from a privileged vegan.

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One comment

    • I hadn’t watched this film since it came out (I was 18 or 19 at the time, 27 now) and it was on HBO, so I caught it somewhere in the middle and re-watched it from there. I remember seeing the title of this podcast somewhere on social media and I was able to find it again, so I just finished listening and I love the critique in this episode. I found one thing funny: I believe when Tom is quitting his job, he brings up how evil what they’re doing is – how they’re doing all the talking via card-writing for people who don’t say what they feel (clearly feeling sorry for himself and pinning everything on Summer) – and blames all sorts of things meant to shift his responsibility elsewhere, including movies. How perfectly… ironic? Did the screenwriter intend for this film to be a social critique or an autobiography with the names redacted (I missed the beginning but what you quoted about revenge makes it quite clear)? Does the screenwriter include their own film in “Tom’s” critique of movies and its effects on audiences?

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