148 Racism in the Vegan Movement: The Kerfuffle Over Wishing Colin Kaepernick Happy Birthday

This week we talk about the explosion of racist bullshit over VegNews wishing Colin Kaepernick a happy birthday. Will White Veganism ever not be a thing?  

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Dishearteningly, but not surprisingly, not much has changed since our Dear White Vegans: Stop It episode two years ago. VegNews wished Colin Kaepernick a happy birthday on their Facebook page last week and the thread exploded into White Veganism, a hot mess of racist comments and claims that veganism is “not political.” So, we’re talkembout it. Also, Nichole loses her shit over “less-a-tarians” during the news section. Joke
What did the coach say to the broken vending machine?

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    • Surprised that you guys didn’t mention the racist nature of the NFL. White owners are basically treating their players as objects, and a lot of these players sustain concussions for the entertainment of white America. Great episode!
    • Regarding your discussion of people’s sense of entitlement over FB page content: This brought to mind for me the topic y’all discussed about how capitalism in this country literally controls everything about our lives -what we do, say, how we look, everything. I think one reason why people react so vehemently is that it’s one of the few areas where people DO get to express their beliefs, and desires, and things like that. It’s also reflected in the “power” and “right” we’ve been taught that the customer has in a capitalist system. “I’m right, I’m the only one that matters, and all day long in my shitty job in my shitty life I have to do what I’m told and be controlled, so now I”M in control and in the position of power.” And it’s a false position, to be sure. The only area where we seem to have any power anymore is what type of yogurt we choose, or what type of music we listen to. These are false choices but when they’re the only ones you have, and you have no idea that there is actually something wrong with the system that created this scenario, you’re going to lash out. It’s the same mentality that so many people have when attacking people like Kapernich, and Michael Bennett. People at THEIR jobs don’t get to stand up for anything and they have to put up with things they don’t like, so why don’t these guys just “be grateful” for all of the money they have and just “do their jobs.” And I really feel a lot of white people actually believe that because THEY don’t see or experience any racism that no one does. I’ve had that conversation so many times where someone said “Yeah, but are they really experiencing racism. I just don’t see it. Maybe they’re just not good enough and they’re using that as an excuse…….” I remember when I was in middle school and the Social Studies teacher laying a truth bomb on all of us when he said, “I know you think you live in a democratic system, but that only applies to voting. Jobs aren’t democratic, family life isn’t democratic. It’s actually only a small percentage of our lives where we have any kind of real power at all.” So true. I think I was exhausted by the age of 14 from saying, “we don’t actually live in a democratic society!!!!”
    • I haven’t listened to this one yet as i went back to listen to your first one (56?) where you talk about this topic.
      I’m at the point in the podcast where you talk about black people saying to whites to stop using slavery because it’s hurtful to them and so it shouldn’t be used and I just do not agree at all. If something said makes someone uncomfortable, it is not a valid reason to stop using those words at large. You can stop talking about it to that specific person once he has made the comment because he has the right to ask, but it shouldn’t censor all other talks. Let’s take the Holocaust. Calling what is happening to the animals an Holocaust is perfectly legitimate and is sure to make some people completely uncomfortable/sad/angry/etc. That does not mean it should not be used. There is holocaust survivors that use that comparison and it is a solid one. Same goes with slavery. Slavery was fucking horrendous, yes, but it did happen and is still happening (search “shrimp slaves Myanmar” for example). There is something dangerous to all this PC BS and creating safe spaces around these issues is not going to help us in the end.

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