150 Holiday Advice! Answering Your Questions about Food & Family

Hey kids! With the holiday season in full swing, we decided to solicit and then answer your most burning holiday questions. We tackle what to do about being pressured to buy non-vegan food for others, how to get family to stop harping about food when you secretly struggle with eating disorders, and what to do about being the only vegan at the table.

In This Episode

In preparation for all the food and family related holiday events upon us, we answer three very different listener questions: Katherine
I don’t feel comfortable purchasing animal products for other people any more, but am not sure how to assert myself in different situations, or if I even should – When is the best time to communicate to someone that you don’t want to purchase animal products, and how do I deal with the fact that I may have done this in the past? How can I best communicate this without seeming like I’m forcing someone to choose a vegan meal? Are there instances (besides work) where it is just not appropriate to communicate this boundary, and it’s best to suck it up and purchase the meal? Sarah R
How do I tell my grandparents that their constant food talk is triggering me, when they don’t know I struggle with disordered eating? Sarah D
How to deal with being the only vegan at the table or event? Joke in the Middle
What is a mummy’s favorite kind of music? Nichole’s Female Rap Artist Recommendations
  • Lizzo
  • The Internet
  • K. Flay
  • Angel Haze
  • Leikeli47
  • SZA
  • Azelia Banks
  • Princess Nokia

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    • Hi, you all have really good advice and I learn a lot from your show. I like how you won’t buy animal based food for others and I wish you would elaborate on the vegan mashed potato incident.
      As a parent I have non-veg kids and spouse in my house so although I don’t like it I still buy and sometimes cook non-veg food. I wonder if you could comment on this type of dynamic or perhaps invite commentary from other vegans that have mixed families.
    • Great discussion! My husband and I have been vegetarian for a while and only recently gone full vegan. I feel like a lot of people just aren’t educated in what’s going on in the world! We cook all our food from scratch and rarely ever eat out, not that it helps where we live helps cause there’s maybe 2 restaurants that cater to vegans.
      I 100% agree with your entire discussion. My concern is to educate people about what they’re eating and what’s really going on with our food. We get questioned all the time about our diet and it definitely gets tiring but we tell them to watch a certai documentary or read an article and their views change the next time we see them!
      Can’t wait to hear the next podcast!

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