152 Holiday Advice! Answering Your Questions about Gifts and Santa

We’re taking a break from our kids’ movie review series to answer holiday questions related to gift giving and Santa, in order to be timely for the holidays. WARNING: we talk about Santa and how he’s not real (and kinda the worst), so don’t let your kiddies hear if you don’t want them to know!

In This Episode

Today we’re answering more listener questions, this time ones that relate to gifts and Santa:

I often receive gifts from people that I don’t want or need and then feel obligated to return the gift giving. Even though I’m short on money and didn’t want to exchange gifts. But because they gave me a gift I now feel obligated to get them one in return. Even if it’s a nice gift – then I may even feel worse.

So what do you think about applying consent culture to gift giving – as in making it clear that yes or no I do not wish to exchange gifts with a person? And how could we implement that without seeming like the Scrooge :-(

I have issues with getting non-vegan family members gifts. I often try to get them something that’s vegan, zero or low waste and doesn’t exploit anyone, if that’s even possible, but it’s so hard to find one that they’ll even appreciate at the same time. I’d be purchasing for my parents, nephews, and nieces. I find the kids especially hard because they don’t always want something ethical. Do you have any ideas?

What do I get for my badass, anarchist, anti-capitalist girlfriend?!?

How would you explain Santa and Christmas to kids if you don’t believe in the Catholic version? I see it as more of a Pagan tradition but it doesn’t make as much sense when it’s in the middle of summer here in Australia.

Gift Ideas

Jokes in the Middle

  • Why did Frosty want a divorce?
  • What do you call Santa’s most impolite reindeer?
  • What do you call a kid who doesn’t believe in Santa?

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