164 Creepy Kids Movie Series, Part 2: The Last Unicorn – It’s just….bad?

For some ungodly reason, EVERYONE, except us, loves The Last Unicorn. You asked us to review it, so we’re all complicit in this mess.

In This Episode

Sigh. You know we love y’all, right? Our relationship is strong enough to survive this, yes? So…per many many listener requests, we watched The Last Unicorn…and we hated it. Since literally every other person in existence loves this movie, maybe we’ve fallen into an alternate universe? We’re very confused. Still, we had fun doing a ranty-recap and making each other laugh, hopefully y’all can enjoy us enjoying not enjoying this movie ;x

Joke in the Middle
What kind of bees produce milk?

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  • 70 Black Peaches

    The band was “America” (not “The Americans”) who did the famous song “A Horse with No Name”. And in the song for “Now That I’m a Woman” they actually did have someone else do Amalthea’s singing but then put in Mia Farrow’s singing voice by mistake during production but that was only one singing voice out of many (America, Jeff Bridges, Mia Farrow).

    The hunter didn’t say anything about wanting to find the last unicorn, just that one was in that forest. Never said let’s go see it or let’s go find it. He said that animals in a unicorn’s forest learn a little magic in their own time /mainly concerned with disappearing/ so it would be difficult to find anything because of the unicorn’s magic affecting the area and protecting the creatures within (quote: “I tell you, there is one unicorn left in the world, and as long as it lives in this forest, we’ll find no game to hunt here.”). They’re hunters, they want to hunt, so that’s why they left.

    So when you say “this is a great example of the rest of the movie, things happen or are said that contradict each other immediately” because they “didn’t explain it at all” and you couldn’t understand what they had clearly said for one reason or another…it’s going to be tough to keep my attention for the rest of your review about why you hate a movie when I understood it easily as very young child in the 80s.

    You were the one who said they said “LET’S GO FIND IT/SEE IT” which didn’t happen so you were making up something that didn’t happen then criticizing the scene for them contradicting each other.

    2 minutes into the review and you got the band name wrong despite the credits at the opening of the film and the ability to research it before doing your podcast and didn’t clearly understand something blatantly said…not looking very good so far. I’ll probably finish the podcast, but you’ll have to work very hard to get me back on your side. ;D

    First and only podcast I think I’ll watch of this, you were both just so cynical and mean about so many things from your pre-chatter to the review it was hard to tolerate even before the glaring mistakes and tons of constant giggling/laughter breaking up all the commentary.

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