166 Creepy Kids Movies Series, Part 3: The Creepiness of Kids Movies

To wrap up our Creepy Kids’ Movies series, we talk about how generally creepy most kids’ movies are – from fucked up lessons for children to things that are just downright disturbing. We had a LOT of fun with this one!  

In This Episode

We get silly and wrap up our analyses of Coraline and The Last Unicorn, and also our discussion about Asexuality, with a fun and laughter-filled rundown of how fucking creepy and unsettling most mainstream kids’ movies are…like, how many Disney movies revolve around kissing someone when they are dead or unconscouis, locking a girl up by herself to deal with her magical powers, LGBTQIA erasure, etc. Article Mentioned
11 Disney Movies That Are Actually Scary If You Think About Them (Glamour) Joke in the Middle
What is colorful and smart?

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One comment

    • Maybe someone has already mentioned this, but just to make things even more horrible – in the Sleeping Beauty’s origins she wasn’t kissed – she was raped. Anyways a great episode! You always make me think of things I haven’t before in our culture.

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