168 How to Practice Anti-Consumerist Veganism, with Andy Tabar

We sit down with Andy Tabar from The Bearded Vegans and Compassion Co today to talk about what it looks like to be practice anti-capitalist, anti-consumerist veganism.

In This Episode

Andy Tabar, from The Bearded Vegans and Compassion Co, asked us to have a discussion about our anti-capitalist stance on veganism where we say veganism should not be defined by consumption, to talk about what that actually looks like in practice. We had a GREAT conversation, it was so nice to be able to have such an open, back-and-forth dialog with Andy about this important and uncomfortable topic.

We start off with talking again about what capitalism is, why vegans should consider being anti-capitalist, and how a veganism defined by consumption is inherently pro-capitalist and therefore ineffective and oppressive. Then we give tips and guidance around how you can practice veganism in an anti-consumerist way. While some of this is a review of things we’ve covered before, this conversation also covered a lot of new ground and took us on a journey that we think y’all will really enjoy!

Some of our top tips:

  • Stop saying “vote with your dollar” immediately
  • Find ways to connect with your local community
  • Practice anti-capitalist/consumerist activities in your community (ex: Buying Nothing)
  • Support policies like Universal Basic Income that can give relief to those who need it NOW
  • Practice restorative justice in your daily life
  • …and more!

This biggest thing we can do is create a sense of support for all citizens. Capitalism only works when we are ok with some people being treated poorly for arbitrary reasons, so connect, give a shit, be kind, share, support, and empathize.

Joke in the Middle
What do you call an everyday potato? (Thanks to listener Tina for this one!)

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  • Billionaires made so much last year they could end world poverty yes and so could all the middle class. It is a distraction to bash the billionaires. If all the average net worth USA people chose to share their well beyond size needed homes would probably 1000 times over the solve homelessness tradgedy and reduce climate change, pollution and habitat destruction in doing it too.

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