170 Body Positivity 101 with Jaime K from Save the Kales!

We are so stoked to finally do an episode on body positivity! This week, we’re joined by the lovely Jaime Karpovich to talk the basics of body positivity: what it is, what it isn’t (or shouldn’t be), how it’s been commercialized in the mainstream, and what the vegan movement should learn from it.

In This Episode

We talk to Jaime Karpovich of Save the Kales! this week about body positivity as it is today. Jaime breaks down for us what the movement looked like 20 years ago vs today, ways that it has been commercialized and misunderstood, and the difference between body positivity vs body neutrality vs body autonomy, all while giving helpful tips along the way!

Content Warning: Mention of clothing size; mention of suicidal thoughts. At one point, Jaime mentions her clothing size. We kept it in because it’s relevant to her experience and to what she was saying at the time. There are no other mentions of weight or size throughout. Nichole briefly discusses how those who live with chronic pain also often live with suicidal thoughts.

Joke in the Middle
Why was the carrot embarrassed?

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