178 Ag-Gag Laws 101: An Interview with Cristina Stella of the Animal Legal Defense Fund

We talk Ag-Gag laws this week with guest Cristina Stella from the Animal Legal Defense Fund: the history of these laws, their purpose, where they exist and what litigation is currently occurring to challenge them.  

In This Episode

Cristina Stella from the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) was kind enough to come on the show and walk us through the basics of Ag-Gag laws, or laws that criminalize undercover investigations at animal farms, a topic we have wanted to cover for a long time. Cristina walks us through some history and background around Ag-Gag laws, and then talks about what is being done legislatively today by the ALDF to overturn or prevent them from being passed. Joke in the Middle
What sound does a raw vegan cheesecake with allergies make?

Links and Information

  • Frontline Exposes Human Trafficking at Ohio Egg Farm (VegNews)
  • Plant-Based Business Bootcamp Debuts in London (VegNews)
  • Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act Passes in California Senate (VegNews)
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