179 The Equal Rights Amendment with Guest Host Molly Woodstock

Callie is joined by guest host Molly Woodstock of the Gender Reveal podcast to talk about the Equal Rights Amendment! Should it be ratified? Do we even still need it? Will it do more harm than good? Callie and Molly discuss this relic of send wave feminism and it’s modern day implications in this Trump era nightmare we’re living in.    

In This Episode

Callie and Molly discuss the Equal Rights Amendment, a proposed amendment that would guarantee equality under the law on the basis of sex. The ERA was first introduced into Congress back in 1923 and has been re-introduced into every Congress since the ratification deadline in the 1980’s. The ERA never had enough states approval, but with Illinois just passing the amendment, it is now only one state short from being ratified. While it would be fantastic to see sex discrimination officially outlawed in the constitution, Callie and Molly discuss how they feel about the amendment using the word “sex” and not “gender”… though Molly brilliantly counters with the example of how even though Title 9 also says sex, it has still helped to increase protections for transgender individuals. This was a super fun conversation that included everything from our love of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, to the annoying Men’s Rights Activists, to “reverse sexism” and the draft, and to to uterus’s effecting car insurance. Joke in the Middle
No Joke this week! (Muahahaha!- Callie) 

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